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Axe throwing is a great addition to the entertainment & vendor options for your venue.  Having axe throwing as an option on your entertainment / vendor list gives clients the opportunity to create a unique and memorable experience for their event.  Your venue gets to offer and earn revenue from axe throwing with no investment, liability or risk.

Once the client has selected axe throwing, we take it from there and handle every detail including providing full insurance coverage for the event and venue.  We handle any customization requests, can set up in almost any environment indoors or out and offer a truly hassle free option for you and your clients.

axe throwing team .jpg
vmg event 5.jpg
we fully insure each venue & producer for each event
Certificates of Insurance
Additional Insured Certificates
$2,000,000 liability 
$300,000 damage to premises 

(additional amounts available)
Liability Waivers specific to each event

Axe Throwing has proven to be a very safe attraction over the years (we have never had any injury incident)   Our axe throwing layouts are specifically built to prevent any errant throws from leaving the throwing area and we only use our own professional dedicated staff to run each event, no part time pickup workers.


Our staff will not only keep everyone safe but will also keep everyone engaged and entertained.  We fully insure everyone involved in the event including the Client, Planner and Venue, and provide Certificates of Insurance to all involved prior to the event.


We offer options for indoor and outdoor set up that can work in almost any environment.  Our axe throwing units can be configured with an unlimited number of throwing lanes to accommodate any size event.

vmg setup 2.jpg

6 Throwing Lane Indoor Convention Layout with Custom Branding above the Targets featuring Organizers Branding

white wedding 1.JPG

4 Throwing Lane Outdoor Wedding Rehearsal Layout

axecessive indoor_outdoor unit .jpg

2 Throwing Lane Basic Indoor Layout


Customizing the axe throwing units / targets is a great way to make an already memorable event truly unforgettable.  We create and fabricate everything in house so we can quickly turn around any customization request.  Additionally our Axe Throwing units have a dedicated space above the targets for Corporate Logos or Event Themes.

axe bingo baseball 2 unit.jpg

Custom Baseball / Bingo Target Game

axe throwing target for blue point brewery.jpeg

Custom Target for Blue Point Brewing Corporate Event


Custom Blacklight Targets

johnny target jpeg.jpg

Custom Prize Giveaway Target


Our Residency Programs offer Hotels, Resorts & Venues the opportunity to earn recurring revenue from the wildly popular axe throwing attraction with no investment, liability or risk.  

Having axe throwing available on-property gives your guests a reason to stay on-property for their entertainment option. whether it is for a Holiday Weekend, a large sporting event in town, or as a regular recurring attraction, we can handle everything including creation of promotional videos for your in-house cctv ads and in house promotional materials, all the while you are collecting a percentage of revenue with no investment, risk or hassle.  Axe throwing is a great way to keep guests engaged on property!

We will create and maintain a booking page that guests can access via a QR code or link from printed and social media advertising which will give them information and videos about the event and allow them to book their preferred time spot to throw.

booking page screenshot.PNG

Contact us now to discuss adding the proven attraction of axe throwing to your client offerings or in residence at your venue.

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