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We all know finals as one of the most stressful times at College...but how to cope?  A recently released Harvard Study has the answer... and it might be axe throwing!  LEARN SOMETHING NEW!  

"One of the best relievers. of stress and improved cognitive development, is the  learning of a new skill, one that challenges both the body and the mind"

Dr. Sohail Punjwani

Bringing axe throwing to campus during the build up to finals is a great way to help deal with the stress by learning something new, providing a break from the constant stress of finals and enabling students to be better focused.  Not only is axe throwing a top-trending, unique, social, fun and safe activity but it also can help deal with finals stress by "learning something new" as recommended in the Harvard Study.  Axe throwing can be combined with therapy dog time with the Basenji's, and "learn to juggle" sessions!


ga tech corner side.tiff

Georgia Tech themed unit used as an example only. We have no affiliation with Georgia Tech.

ga tech with axes.tiff

Georgia Tech themed unit used as an example only. We have no affiliation with Georgia Tech.

ga tech front.tiff
ga tech full side.tiff

Georgia Tech themed unit used as an example only. We have no affiliation with Georgia Tech.

We will customize your axe throwing unit with your school colors/mascot!  This includes target colors, axes, and the addition of decorative banners with your schools mascot / colors / slogan for finals week de-stress.  Finals week de-stress units can be set up outdoors or indoors and require a minimum footprint of 8 x15 and are 10 feet high.

target bullet 2.tiff

Axe throwing is also perfect for team-building / sports teams / Associations / Faculty events


Lafayette Baseball team after an axe throwing team building event



Research has shown that spending time with dogs can be a great way to help relieve student stress.  

We have a unique opportunity this year to offer on-campus stress reduction visits with 3 Basenji. The basenji is a truly unique breed from the Republic of Congo.  Known as the "silent dog" because of its inability to bark like a normal dog.  Known to be one of the first breeds to cohabitate with humans, its bond with humans is very strong.  The breed is known for its extreme intelligence as well as its speed and human-like sense of humor.  The Basenji we have are Leonardo, Davinci and Picasso, all are Nationally rated and known as top ambassadors of the breed.  Extremely well mannered and highly trained by one of the nations top handlers of the breed.  


The basenji interactions can done on a session basis where students are given a 10 minute presentation on the fascinating background and traits of this unique breed, then a period of actual interaction with the three basenjis.  Additionally, the basenji can be available for a set time period and students can come in and interact with them at will during that time.  Book the basenji visit as part of the axe throwing de-stress!  


Learning a completely new skill, like juggling, can help alleviate stress...and its fun!  We can add learn to juggle sessions into your finals week de-stress package.  Juggling sessions can be done in 30 minute intervals in which students go through all of the steps in learning to juggle and are actually juggling by the end of the session.  All equipment is provided and the sessions are run by an experienced juggling coach.  Add juggling sessions to your axe throwing de-stress for an even greater stress relieving day!

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