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present comic cover v3 copy.tiff
present bring the fun v7.tiff

Derrick:  Below is a short news clip of our success at Down River Brewing

presentation insurance.tiff
present liability 3.tiff

Derrick: This is a sample of the type of promotional videos we create to help promote events.  We could do a appropriately themed short promo video for you to place on the website to promote Oktoberfest.

Derrick:  Below is our "Hit it to Get it" concept.  This is used to add excitement and promotion to the event.  We can program the prizes being offered into each QR code.  This is a great way to cross promote with other vendors/sponsors of the event.  You will also see below the "Don't kill Johnny" game I mentioned, this target is wildly popular.

hit it to get it for presentation.tiff
hit it to git hit still.tiff
present johnny v5.tiff

Derrick:  Below are a few shots of our newest exclusive games...Baseball and Bingo. 
These would be very popular with Corporate team building as each game lends itself to having competing teams to determine a winner.

sports team build.tiff

Derrick: Below are some of the custom targets / branded units to give you an idea of the versatility we have with creating branding on the units.  Branding can easily tie in with the "Hit to Git it" game with some of the sponsors products being the prizes.

present godard.tiff
present R16 unit.tiff
present gender reveal girl.tiff
present gender cloud boy.tiff
ga tech with axes.tiff
ga tech full side.tiff
new realm target red footer.jpg
Customized target copy.jpg

Derrick: Below is an 8 lane setup that would generally be used for larger Festivals and Events.  This photo was taken at one of our July 4th Festivals this year..attendance was over 5000.  Unit measurements for a 2 lane and 4 lane setup follow.

present college fall festival.tiff
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